UX and UI for 10+ civic platforms

Smart Citizen Foundation

Smart Citizen is an NGO based in Santiago, Chile, which seeks to reduce inequality in Latin America by promoting transparency and citizen participation through the innovative use of information technology. I was their Design Lead for 4 years.

During 4 years I was Smart Citizen’s  Design Team lead, and as all designers in SmartCitizen I was also a front-end developer. As team lead and a member of the executive committee (technically a Product Team)I participated in the need-finding, design, management and evaluation of over 14 online civic platforms.


  • Design Team Lead
  • Art direction for all visual material
  • Project visioning and collaborative project definition
  • Wire-framing, Storyboarding
  • Front-end development
  • Project generation and evaluation as part of the executive committee
Skill Set Used
Information Architecture, Wireframing, Proto personas, Project Management,  UX, UI and Visual design, front end development, agile development, and above all: Collaboration


There’s no doubt SmartCitizen holds a special place in my heart. It’s the place where I first discovered my love for interactions on the web, where I learned to code, and where I learned the value of working with extremely talented, and passionate people.

As Design Lead I was in charge of art direction, organizing the Design Team and coordinating the front-end development with the DevTeam. During those 4 years I was involved in over 15 projects –some of them are included below. For more information you can visit CiudadanoInteligente.org


Ciudadano Inteligente
Website to serve as a landing page to the many initiatives the foundation drives and supports.
Poplus: Civic Coding
Poplus provides web-service components and tools to enable world’s civic society to easily launch high quality online initiatives.

The main challenge of the project was to clearly convey the function of the site and the spirit of the project to tech savvy civic hackers and
non-tech savvy NGO leaders looking for tech help.
Del Dicho al Hecho
Website which hosts an annual inphographic report on the state and evolution of the promises made by the Chilean President during the State of the Union.

Collaboration on infographics with Catalina Margozzini and Katherina Malis.
Developing Latin America
Developing Latin America was the first regional Open Data Civic Hackathon in LatAm.
My responsibilities included: Art direction, branding and merchandising region-wise.
Information architecture, UI design and theme development for all participant countries to use (WordPress).
Acuerdo Educación
“Acuerdo Educación” was an interactive infographic we built over a weekend to illustrate the extent of agreement between Chilean Government and the Students' Social Movement of 2011.
Acceso Inteligente
Acceso Inteligente was the first one-stop shop for online Freedom of Information (FOI) requests in Chile.

Every project developed at Ciudadano Inteligente is fruit of a rich interdisciplinary collaboration between an awesome group of people
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